Carbon Brush

Haimen Hengchang Carbon industryCo.,Ltd

Haimen Hengchang Carbon industryCo.Ltd It is the first enterprise in Nantong District specialized in producting electric Carbon Brush products. it is located in the middle part of Jiangsu. On the coast of East Sea. Beside the Tonglu River which is north to Shanghai. In Zhengyu Industrial Zone of Haimen Muncipality. It won continuous the titles of enterprise of good credit,Enterprise of good contract fulfillment and creadit and "AAA" enterprise of municipal level in past several years.
Since the 1990's ,Hengchang CarbonIndustry, with its scientific management system. Good product quality , Perfect and reasonable production ,supply and salas service systems , has develted into a multiple purpose elkectric carbon products manufacturing factory and a base of electric Carbon industryin Nantong Distric. To meet batter the demanded domestic and foreign has introduced foreign advanced technology and has developed implanted wire type electric brush of internatinal level. At the same time , it has also increased the understanding on its value and natural value.
The technique is high and the road is aistant ,but it is not reatricted one way ,Hengchang Carbon Brush industrywill base on the high standard of producing good quality product for users,strive for mutral development,and create a glorious century.